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joca perpignan grupo

Joca Perpignan Grupo is a true multicultural ensemble. 


The project brings to the stage stellar musicians from Israel, Brazil, Morocco and Uruguay  performing original compositions by Joca, as well as original arrangements for well known composers. 

Six musicians with international career and different musical backgrounds, presents a very energetic and collorfull concert where afro-brazilian rhythms meets middle eastern, african, Caribbean music, and jazz.


Band members


Joca Perpignan (Brazil/Israel)

Vocals & Percussion


Juares dos Santos (Brazil/Israel)

Percussion , Cavaquinho & Vocals

Born and raised in the samba community of Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1985 moved to Israel. Juares is a truly `sambista` and a phenomenal multi-instrumentist /  singer. Worked with top Brazilian samba artists. Brings his musicality and happiness to stages in Israel, Brazil and around the world. 


Rony Iwryn (Uruguay/ Israel)

Percussion & vocals -  percussionist and producer who immigrated to Israel from Montevideo (Uruguay) at the age of eighteen. has worked with many Israeli music stars, including the Idan Raichel Project. is currently working with European star Lara Fabian and is a founder member of the world known group The Yemen Blues.


Marc Kakon (Marocco/ Israel)

Guitars & Vocals - Born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco, Marc grew up in a musical family.  Moved to Tel aviv, Israel, in 1995 and has worked with several artists such as Shirel (France), Matti Caspi (Israel), Miri Mesika (Israel), and is curently playing with the famous israeli artist Idan Raichel. Marc is also the musical director of the brilliant Israeli singer Lital Gabai.


Amos Hoffman (Israel)

Guitar & Oud  - Tel Aviv based guitarist and oudist Amos Hoffman started playing guitar at the age of 6, and oud a few years later. One of the most unique instrumentalists in jazz and world music in Israel. Performs worldwide with his own project and with different international jazz musicians, such as the world known bassist Avishay Cohen. Amos is releasing soon his fifth album of original music.


Yankale Segal  (Israel) – Bass, Tar and Banglama  -  born in Jerusalem. 

Graduated Rubin music academy Jazz department  on bass. 

Studied mid-east art music with various teachers in Israel and abroad on oud, tar, bouzouki etc.

Performing, recording, touring and producing different projects combining western-eastern styles with leading Israeli artists such as:

Habrera Hativit, Hava Alberstein, Idan Raichel and many more.

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