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tucan / tucan & armandinho



Armandinho Macedo, one of Brazil’s most renowned and influential instrumentalists, together with the Israeli Tucan creates a dynamic repertoire of Brazilian instrumental music.

Proclaimed as The King of Choro, a popular Brazilian musical style that originated in 19th century Rio de Janeiro, Armandinho’s style is characterized by energetic modulations and improvisations played by a variety of string and wind instruments. Armandidho, appropriately dubbed also the King of Mandolin, fuses classical Choro with a popular urban rhythm.

The musical virtuoso is also acclaimed as the foremost player of the Bahian guitar, a 5-string solid bodied electric mandolin developed by his musician father, Osmar.

Together with Israel’s own Tucan Trio, a vibrant Brazilian jazz ensemble – Hagai Rehavia, Amir Milstein, Joca Perpignan – that balances samba, Latin jazz and meticulous improvisation as if born and raised on the streets of Rio, the concert will celebrate the group’s newest collaborative album.

Armandinho’s natural Brazilian flair together with Tucan Trio’s jocular rhythms and Mediterranean flavor is one of the jazz scene’s most compelling combinations.



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