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transit trio



Mira Awad, Joca Perpignan & Marc Kakon


Transit Trio is a musical collaboration of three international performers who aim to create music with no borders.



Mira Awad

Singer/Songwriter, half Palestinian-half Bulgarian. See Mira Awad's page




Joca Perpignan

Percussionist/Vocalist/Songwriter born and raised in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with a multicultural background and over 20 years of international musical experience. At the age of 15 Joca moved to Tel-Aviv and has developed a successful career in both countries, Brazil and Israel. Lately released his second solo album "Manso Balanco".



Marc Kakon

Guitarist/Composer/Vocalist born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1976, now lives in Tel aviv, Israel. Marc is the guitarist for "The Idan Raichel Project", and he is co-producer on Joca Perpignan's album "Manso Balanco", also produces a world music project with his wife Lital Gabai.


The three artists joined forces to create a very unique and

upbeat collaboration, where they perform material from 

their separate repertoires in special arrangements.

The fun and dynamic concert is a remarkable fusion of all

their sounds and languages put together:

The energetic Moroccan beats, the ever winding Arabic

melodies, the joyful Brazilian Bossa novas, and much more. A true a musical bridge between South America , North Africa and the Middle East...

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